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Scanning Order Form

If you have any questions about our services or need help with your order, please email us.

Please print and fill out this form and fax, Toll-free, to 1-877-573-7045 or mail to:

4409 Buckley Rd.
Lisle, IL 60532

What are you sending to be scanned? How many?
____ pictures  
____ slides  
____ 35mm negs  
____ 4x5 trans or negs  
____ 8x10 trans or negs  
What type of scan would you like?
____ flat bed scan
____ Kodak Commercial CD scan
____ Kodak Pro CD scan-5 res.
____ Kodak Pro CD scan-6 res.
____ High resolution Isomet drum scan
What type of file would you like your images saved as?
(Photo CD scans can only be saved as .PCD images)
____ .tif ____ .bmp ____ .jpg ____ .gif
What type of disk would you like your images saved on?
(Kodak CD scans must be on CD)
____ 3.5" floppy ____ Zip disk ____ CD  
What will you be using the images for?  For example: email, webpage graphic, printing, etc. If you are going to print pictures, include the final size and what type of printer. This helps us know what size file you need.
Will you be using your file on PC or Mac?
____ PC ____ Mac

Your Name:

Your Street Address:  
Your City, St, Zip:  
Your Email Address:  
Your Phone Number:  
If you are paying by check we will email an invoice to you and your order will be shipped upon receipt of your check or money order. If you are paying by credit card please fill out the information below. Method of Payment:
___ Check
___ Money Order
___ Visa ___ Mastercard
Card Holder Name:  
Card Number:  
Expiration Date:  

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